Sunday, 27 February 2011

I wish...

I wish that i could eat macaroons everyday! I was in London on Wednesday and found the lovliest french patisserie called Pauls that made the best macaroons i have ever tasted- and i have tasted alot of macaroons.
If you are ever in London you have to find a Pauls, unfortunately i couldn't try everything but the bread looked amazing as well as the cakes. I also found out on my return to the countryside that they have a website and they do deliveries- hallelujah!

So i have decided that next weekend i am going to make my own macaroons, i've found a lovely recipe for pistachio ones so i will post them on here once i've made them!

Look at the website, the cakes look gorgeous!


  1. I have honestly never had a macaroon but this needs to be remedied!

  2. You're missing out! They're little bites of heaven, and they're very easy to whip up!